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    Jun 22,  · New Neon Shudder Album! published on June 22, Read more posts by the author of New Neon Shudder Album!, Drugs & Wires 1 Comment on New Neon Shudder Album! Learn how your comment data is processed. Primary Sidebar. Become a Patron! Vote for Drugs & Wires on Top Webcomics! Recent D&W News. Dan’s long lost tracks are released!
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    Weekly news recap from Planet://Damage, a magnet of cyberpunk, glitch, music production and anything else that can look black and neon-tinted at the same time. Enjoy your stay. This week's "best find" title goes hands down to the Mothmeister duo.
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    One of my favourite things about electronic music is how well it lends itself to concept work. Whilst many a good concept album has been created in a more traditional band setting, electronic music is better suited to removing the player(s) from the equation, instead leaving a body of sound that stands apart from the names involved. With Cadence, neon shudder has gone even further than simply.
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