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    Alleluia! Hearts and voices heav’nward raise: Sing to God a hymn of gladness, Sing to God a hymn of praise.
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    Jul 17,  · Alleluia. Now streaming on: Powered by JustWatch. Oppressively bleak mood piece "Alléluia" is a horror film for people who like to be scared by a grim, joyless and thoroughly depressing character study. To be fair, the film's based-on-a-true-story subject doesn't exactly lend itself to screwball comedy. "Alléluia" is based loosely on the real.
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    "Alleluia" is the Greek spelling of a Hebrew expression, "Hallelu Yah [weh]," which simply means "praise the Lord." That phrase is found in the Old Testament as a frame around a number of the psalms (Ps. ; ) and in the New Testament in Revelation
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    In the old Greek version of the Book of Tobias, in the Septuagint Greek translation of the Hebrew psalter, and in the original Greek of the Apocalypse it is transcribed Allelouia. In accordance with that most ancient transcription, our Latin Vulgate gives it as Alleluia in the Old Testament and in the New.
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    By some interpretations, Cohen is in an argument with God. King David’s “hallelujah,” in the book of Psalms, is said to have pleased the Lord. Cohen addresses God: “But you don’t really care for.
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    Alleluia believes in what Martin Luther called "The Priesthood of All Believers." Simply put, that means that everyone has the opportunity to be involved in ministry and leadership here. Staff and volunteer leaders work together to seek out God's vision for our faith community, to care for one another, and to reach out with the love of Christ.
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    Alleluia, Latin form of the expression HallelujahHallelujah or Alleluia [Heb.,=praise the Lord], joyful expression used in Hebrew worship; cf. Pss. –6, –13, –17, , – Christian liturgies make wide use of it, particularly at Easter time. .. Click the link for more information.. Alleluia Hallelujah Alleluia, also spelled.
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    Definition of alleluia (Entry 2 of 2): hallelujah entry 2 The entire season is marked by quiet restraint. Bold colors are removed from altars. Liturgical alleluias are left unsaid.

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