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  1. Banos Reply
    al den·te (ăl dĕn′tē, äl dĕn′tā) adj. Cooked enough to be firm but not soft: pasta al dente. [Italian: al, to the + dente, tooth.] al den′te adv. al dente (al ˈdɛnte) adj (Cookery) (of a pasta dish) cooked so as to be firm when eaten [literally: to the tooth] al den•te (æl ˈdɛn teɪ, .
  2. Grojar Reply
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  3. Zologal Reply
    AL Dente restaurant, Presov. K likes. jefffunkphyfabagcontringsordorushito.coinfo
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  5. Shaktigor Reply
    Dec 20,  · With a little resistance, almost a crunch, when I bit down. But not any more. These days it's fully cooked or bust. Not soggy, but easy to chew. When I boil pasta I look at the recommended cooking time on the box and add a couple of minutes. When cooking from a Giada recipe I sometimes need to add several minutes (she really likes pasta al dente).
  6. Daizahn Reply
    Al dente pasta is firmer for better texture, mouth feel and taste. Eating your noodles al dente is actually healthier for you as well. Hot water breaks down the molecule bonds in starches – that’s how it turns dry pasta into cooked pasta. The longer the noodles are cooked, the more the molecules are broken down, and the faster your body can.
  7. Kazralrajas Reply
    Jul 16,  · After going to Italy and having pasta. I find myself really enjoying what they call al dente.. I have found that most cooking times labeled on the box were overdone by a couple minutes for dry pasta. I'll toss the pasta when cooked with a little of the water into a pan with some sauce and cook over high heat for a minute.
  8. Zolozahn Reply
    Jan 05,  · Cookbook | Recipes | Ingredients | Cooking techniques. Al dente means "to the tooth" or "to the bite" in Italian. It refers to the need to apply sufficient pressure while masticating so that firmness can be felt. While the expression is most commonly used to describe pasta that has been served at this degree of firmness – generally considered to be the most widely preferred – it can be.

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