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  1. Tozuru Reply
    Played through the first one's endless grindorama but did finish plus part of NG+. Got about 80% of the second one done then hit a boss I could not get past. Couldn't summon help, internet connecton too slow. For some reason I still don't understand, bought the third one hoping I guess that it would be doable on solo like the first but no dice.
  2. Zuluzuru Reply
    Mar 06,  · Discordance Axis own the rights to this grindorama. hilarious fun.
  3. Zulushura Reply
    Once you commit to the climb, it's either heart attack city or grindorama/quads of steel. Some of the stairs are not doable unless you're filled with helium or are a world class rider. Either route is truly grueling to climb and you'll burn upwards of 1, calories on the uphill. The descent is very tasty and I prefer Bergan on the way down.
  4. Daik Reply
    ( AM) Zeldy: grindorama ( AM) pocket: I must be getting old, I don't play games like almost ever ( AM) Mattress: Not if you sit on the Elidium transport ship and chat people up ( AM) Zeldy: Also filled with 11 year old dickbags, and the "art" style is dumb.
  5. Nazil Reply
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  6. Vonris Reply
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  7. Dajar Reply
    Grindorama samedi 25 août Glorie - Glorie. English version: The first time I heard of Glorie was on a blogspot called The Sirens Sound, which has a huge load of good post rock and ambient stuff. There, I have been interpellated by an insert about the band where they explain that they don't mind if you download their music for free, but.
  8. Dogor Reply
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