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    Colonists are the inhabitants and workers of the colonies established in Surviving Mars. Every one is a unique individual defined by their name, age category, workplace specialization, traits, and stats. The current condition of any individual colonist is represented by four key stats - Health, Sanity, Comfort, and Morale. Letting any of this drop too low has negative consequences. Colonists.
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    STANDARDS SS8H1 Evaluate the impact of European exploration and settlement on American Indians in Georgia. a. Describe the characteristics of American Indians living in Georgia at the time of European contact; to include culture, food, weapons/tools, and shelter.
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    A breeding population of Syngnathus scovelli was discovered in in Lake St. John near Ferriday, Louisiana, which is over river miles from the Gulf of Mexico by the shortest possible route. Although S. scovelli has been known to be euryhaline, this constitutes the first record of a breeding population in fresh water. This study encompassed the period from July through February
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    3 Oct. –3 Mar. Clerk, teacher, justice of the peace, lawyer, newspaper editor. Born at Wells, Rutland Co., Vermont. Son of William Cowdery and Rebecca Fuller.
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    THE COLLECTION OF MELINDA AND PAUL SULLIVANA MEISSEN FIGURE GROUP OF A SHEPHERD AND SHEPHERDESSCIRCA modeled by Johann Joachim Kändler,as a young man reaching to pat the dog seated beside him, his left hand clasping the right hand of his companion, her hand on his shoulder, seated beneath a tree behind them,crossed swords mark in underglaze .

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