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  1. Mumi Reply
    May 12,  · Life sucks. We are often faced with many difficult challenges that are completely out of our control. Besides the coronavirus epidemic we’re all facing right now, there’s also death, disease, bankruptcy, injustice, mental health issues, illness, and the list goes on There are so many more things that make life so hard.
  2. Dihn Reply
    Life Sucks Sayings and Quotes. Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old life sucks quotes, life sucks sayings, and life sucks proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources.
  3. Moogusida Reply
    Jan 01,  · Life Sucks is a graphic novel that sells itself as a possibly interesting take on another vampire tale of darkness. This story is all about removing vampire lore from its classic romanism and into some form of reality where you need to pay rent and stuff/5.
  4. Muzahn Reply
    Nov 08,  · 74 Life Sucks Quotes That Will Surely Make You Feel Better 1. “Life is hard. Then you die. They don’t throw dirt in your face. Then the worms eat you. Be grateful that it happens 2. “The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken place. But those that will not break it.
  5. Faejora Reply
    Life will always suck and I’m no stranger to physical pain and mental health challenges but remember we can make a difference! For ourselves and for the people around us. Life is supposed to suck so that we fight for the things we want, the reward is so much sweeter.
  6. Goramar Reply
    Dec 02,  · Life Sucks: 10 Things To Do When You Hate Life. One definition that I found of ‘sucks’ was quite interesting to me. It went like this: a weak, self-pitying person; a crybaby or sore loser; a person who won’t go along, especially out of spite. I hate to say it, but even when I’ve said, “Life sucks!” in the mirror, that is exactly the.
  7. Kazikora Reply
    Apr 24,  · Life sucks for everybody (no need to cry no no no) Life sucks for everybody (act like no child no no no) I’m just survivin’ everyday right at the edge of losing my mind Life sucks for everybody just let me find peace of mind. I might pull the trigger, u know I might do it for good, u know I might pull the trigger, for both of us.
  8. Mojin Reply
    Dec 04,  · Here are 6 of them. 1. You can’t have everything you want.. Having everything you want doesn’t mean possessing a lot of expensive stuff, 2. Justice is real only in movies and comic books.. We all dream of a world where good deeds always repay, and Author: Kristina Ivanova.
  9. Gohn Reply
    Feb 01,  · The truth is that life sucks sometimes. For all of us, at any given point, for any reason, it can happen. Time and time again we see ourselves and others in those “life sucks” moments. But leaving them behind, learning, and growing in them is essential to personal growth and life progress.

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